COLONOSCOPY Faux Ad campaign i made for my group work

Haircut DX


haven't done any acrylics in a while, but i still have the hang of it :D

The Guy

...uses a radiowave recorder to save the world from impending doom

From the Paper to the computer

watercolor on strathmore paper, photoshop

Oh wow D:

Im gonna have one of my works featured on a UK magazine!
though its not a Big shot magazine, it actually is a group effort by Sonny Mcartney and they will be releasing their first issue, and i'll probably get my copy early july.

I did ask for some terms and conditions though, about artist rights and all that. Just to make sure this isn't a sham or anything since it my first time having my works published. Gawd im so giddy!

Anyways here's a little something for all


Le parkour

My brother training in parkour... guy can really jump with no fear 0__0

More shots here ===>

Thesis Yeah...

Just came from thesis class, Ugh....
Im starting off researching more on some "innovative" illustration techniques and i expect i might shift from my traditional style intended for the damn book.

Here are some samples by the way... the one below was a quick sketch of a scene from the hilarious movie HOT FUZZ. I admit there are some problems with anatomy and likeness but what i would like to point out in this piece is that i wanted my illustration to be like them Screen captured scenes from a movie because i believe that people would enjoy the book more.

I still have a looong way to go -___-.

anyway, I'll be uploading more of these sketches after i get them back from my professor...


So yeah, Visual blog.

To make things short: instead of me typing down my everyday life on keyboard and having people to read it, my blogs will be presented visually. either by traditional(paintings, sketches...) or digital (photographs,digital art...) means. there will be short captions though, explaining further of what did i just did in relation to the illustrations posted or im just too lazy to do anything and i just rant rant rant lol.

I like to take this as an exercise for myself as an amateur illustrator :D.

Anyways, that's that. Welcome to my Visual Blog! *excuse me for the Title of this, i still don't know what to name the damn thing yet... hell, and i though naming kittehs where hard enough D:*


Now what?