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FEATURED ARTIST: Benoit Paille's Stranger series

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A stranger 53 ans by *BenoitPaille on deviantART

One of my favorite Photographers from DEVIANTART that showcase's a lot of soul, intellect and Guts.

STRANGERS, one of his ongoing series, exhibits different people who he just met around his neighborhood, really is a courageous attempt on learning from different people and expose their inner beauty through the lense.

Benoit Paille:
"I attempt to go further by meeting individuals in their privacy. By choosing foreigners on the street or by going door to door, I choose my models for their beauty. Not physical beauty, but emotional. By arranging and directing my models, I try to create portraits that are true to nature. To capture a look that would not exist without my intervention.

Regarding the photo itself, I use digital processes to transform the color and light. In my photos, the background light increases the climactic sense of the model itself. I prefer to work with natural light and then push it towards the supernatural, so that the color of my photos is only a coating of the subject. My photographs show an aesthetic side without compromising the essence of the subject and its emotional value. Beautifying the the grotesque in the same way as the beauty industry; beautifying the ugly is very important to me. Since the contemporary world invaded with advertising, appearance is important to capture the eye of the viewer. I use the same tools as the industry: strong images, excessive, provocation, picture perfect. Not in a mercantile, but to exceed the industry itself with a human referred sincere paramount.

All this attention to the final rendering of the image is a way to exercise my control, to enter the deep intimacy of the subject and its environment. In order to reveal stories and emotions that are at first invisible without the intervention of the artist. Then I can create unique narrative sequences. All this for a purpose, to gain further knowledge of the privacy of others and go beyond the concept that the subjects have their own privacy."

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